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Medabots: Girls Mission Gets Its First Screenshots



Rocket Company recently announced Medabots: Girls Mission, an upcoming Medabots game that features a bunch of girls to befriend and robots to customize. Famitsu shares a first look at its screenshots.


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The Robattles are done with 2v2 teams in action style where you’ll get to control the Medabots using the A, B, X, and Y buttons. There are over 100 Medabots with customizable parts for the head, left and right arms, and legs.



Additionally, there are 20 girls that appear in the game with exclusive characters for the two versions. You can team up with one of the girls and increase friendship levels to make their Medabots become stronger as well.


Medabots: Girls Mission Kabuto and Kuwagata will release in Japan on March 10, 2016. You can check out our previous report for more details.

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