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Medabots Makers’ Next Game Is A Jailbreak Escape For 3DS



Medabots developers Rocket Company are working on a 3DS game for Imagineer, titled Escape Adventure: Ultimate Fort, and it’s based on a jailbreak attraction in a Japanese theme park, where players will need to use their wits and cooperate to make it out.


We still don’t have too many details as far as what he gameplay will be like, the above video should give you a good idea on what the game is based on—a jailbreak adventure attraction at the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park.


This attraction basically puts players in a giant prison, which is said to deliver a real-life jailbreak experience as part of the attraction. Players are met with various challenges, and must use clues to find their way out.


The areas are filled with all kinds of doors and rooms, along with over 100 missions total, so there’s quite a lot of variety going on, depending on what kind of setup you get out of the several they feature for different types of players.


The stages have hidden clues and gimmicks that must be solved in order to advance, but the main themes behind the Ultimate Fort attraction are maze, problem-solving, cooperation, and stamina.


Since some of the stages can take a while, and the puzzles may be a little tough at times, there’s an option for people to retire and leave the attraction; however, the upcoming 3DS title might not be as lenient for the players.


Escape Adventure: Ultimate Fort will release in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS later this summer. More details are expected to be revealed, soon.

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