Medabots S Brings The Robattles To Smartphones In Japan This Fall/Winter



The Robattles are coming to smartphones with a new Medabots game called Medabots S after announcing that a mobile project was in the works back in November. Here’s a first look.


You can watch the full presentation in the above video. The developers say that the full title is actually Medabots S, and the “Unlimited Nova” part is simply a phrase that packs the developers’ feelings of enthusiasm into, but they specifically said that it isn’t a subtitle for the game.



When asked what kind of game it is, the developers say that it is simply a “Robattle” game. The above is a first look at the battle screen that shows a familiar 3v3 set up.



The above is a look at the menu.



Here’s the main character and his main Medabot buddy. The story starts when the protagonist somehow gets a hold of a Medabot and decides to enter a Robattle tournament called “Medalympics.”


The winner of this tournament will have any wish granted… or so they say. He dreamt of the opportunity to enter this tournament, but it appears that there’s a shady organization of militants that are also aiming for the prize and will get in the way. Will the Robattle beginner protagonist find a way to battle his way to the top through various adversities?


Medabots S releases for iOS and Android in Japan in Fall 2019/Winter 2019.

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