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Media Molecule Turns The PS4 Into A Dream Machine With Its Next Game


Media Molecule finally showed off more of its next title Dreams during Paris Games Week. Have a watch of the video above.


Back in June it was only possible to guess as to what Dreams is all about. Now the LittleBigPlanet developer has lifted the veil and revealed it as “a space where you can go to explore and play the dreams of others and create and share your own.”


Still pretty vague, sure, but that’s the breadth of possibility here. You travel between dreams and can tweak them, play around in them, and create entirely new things inside the dream. As Media Molecule says, you’re able to “surf an endless dreamiverse of single assets, games, animation, music and everything in between.”


It’s all done by moving your own Imp around. It’s like a fluffy cursor that lets you pull and yank things in the dreams as well as place and edit objects when creating. It also lets you possess the characters you find or create yourself.


Collaboration is also a big part of your dreams. You can play locally or meet up online to create new spaces together or you can call up other peoples’ work and instantly remix it to your liking. “Creation, joint or solo, is as fast as sketching. We call it Performance; it’s fast, intuitive, and rewarding. It’s as simple as moving your controller to create your mark on the world. One button, create your mark.”


Dreams will be heading into beta in 2016.

Chris Priestman