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Meet Crystar’s Fourth Playable Character 777 Who Is A Little Obsessed With The Protagonist Rei



FuRyu updated the official website of its upcoming crying RPG, Crystar, with a new trailer for its fourth playable character 777 (Nanana). It also has info on the “Memoir of the Dead” that lets you see old memories.


777 (CV: Sumire Morohoshi)

Height: 135cm

Birthday: November 22

Blood Type: B

Gemstone Theme: Topaz, Yellow Opal

Symbol: Bird

A humanoid Departed Soul that shows affection to Rei in the other world, Limbo. She’s a deceased girl. She  takes an odd liking to Rei and persistently follows her about. 777 has extremely powerful abilities, and got in the way of Rei and others by completely changing an area of Limbo in an attempt to make her happy.


In her video we see her obsessively asking if Rei is happy, and she eventually gets upset about not having her attention and in an odd turn of events, decided to turn them all into clones of herself since Rei wasn’t paying enough attention to her.



“Enjoy and exciting!” is her motto.


She may be a Departed Soul, but she’ll cooperate with Rei and the others. 777 is designed by ntny.


Memoir of the Dead



By defeating the Departed Soul you can acquire their Last Grasp, which allows you to to absorb the memories of over 90 Departed Souls.These are little stories behind the Departed Souls, and there are three stages of stories to unlock for each one.


Crystar releases in Japan on October 18, 2018 for PlayStation 4. Learn more about Anamnesis and other characters as well as battle system info in our previous report. You can also read up on the key characters with profiles for Rei, Mirai, Mephis, Pheles, and Heraclitus here, and here for more on the game’s story of death and revival in an afterlife world.

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