Meet Death Trash’s World Of Grotesque Creatures, Sex, And Trash Talk

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Death Trash jumps out at you with a gigantic eyeball. Just look at that damn thing. Sheesh.


It’s described as a modern post-apocalyptic RPG that takes influence from cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, the grotesque, sex and, trash-talk humor. The world is full of punks who are forced to survive by using a combination of shotguns, psi powers, and manipulation.


The game itself focuses on offering player freedom by offering multiple solutions to any problem. You can even cancel dialogue at any time if you’d rather shoot now and do the talking later. One screenshot shows four character interaction options: point shotgun, order them to get lube, kick ‘em in the balls, or “Fuck it” which presumably means stopping the conversation and shooting things up.


Being an RPG, it has item crafting and a stats system, and it has real-time combat. Little else is known about the game apart from what can be seen in the screenshots – that includes huge naked men that cry lava, those eyeballs, and a “Puke Bar.” It also has local co-op that lets a friend drop in or out at any time.


Death Trash is expected to arrive on Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2016. It’s currently in early development and will soon have a playable prototype. Find out more about it on its website.

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