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Meet Destroyer Trillion Protagonist’s Brother And The Cute Pup, Cerberus



Compile Heart’s Galapagos RPG label is currently working on Omega Quintet, an upcoming PlayStation 4 game featuring five world-saving divas. Meanwhile, their newest label, Hell’s #1 House, is working on Destroyer Trillion, featuring an antagonist with one trillion HP. Dengeki shares more on the game of the underworld.


After getting his butt handed to him against the great demon lord Trillion, Zeablos sets out for a rematch with the help of six friendly (well not all of them) demon lord girls. Dengeki introduces us to a few more characters related to Zeablos.


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The above is a look at his brother Astaroth, who seemed to have left when Trillion first appeared in the underworld, which is strange considering that he was well known for his prowess.


To the right is Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld castle. He wasn’t always a cute and innocent-looking creature, but it seems to be a mystery as to how he took the new form.


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This ring is a special item that can block Trillion’s miasma. More details on that will be revealed in this week’s issue of Dengeki magazine. Additionally, the magazine will also share details on a special system in Destroyer Trillion that will involve “the death of the heroine demon lords”.


Destroyer Trillion is currently in development for PlayStation Vita for a release sometime in 2014.

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