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Meet Hilda, The Witch That Cursed The World In Stella Glow



Stella Glow makers Imageepoch have recently filed for bankruptcy, but that won’t stop the game from being released, as Sega will publish it next month. 4Gamer has shared the latest screenshots from the game, as its demo just went live in Japan.



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I won’t let anyone stop my song.”

Age: ?

Weapon: Scythe

Voice and singer: Yukari Tamura


The Witch of Destruction who brings the cursed song to the world.



In the Stella Glow demo, you’ll get to hear Hilda’s singing. While the song itself brings a curse to the world, they say that those who hear her singing will be charmed by it.



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The above is a look at some battle scenes featuring Hilda, and her powers are said to be overwhelming, as she can easily take out enemies with little trouble.



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Next is a look at some screenshots of Risette, and what appears to be one of the starting areas of the game, with a stage called “The Starting Forest”. There’s also a scene where Risette is shown asking the protagonist Alto if he remembers when was the last time they slept together in the same bed, so it looks like they’re pretty close.


Stella Glow is slated for release in Japan on June 4, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. You can check out our earlier report for details on the game’s battle system, and how it was made to have a quick and smooth pace to it.

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