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Meet Hyperdimension Great war Neptune Vs Sega Hardware Girls’ Two Heroines



Compile Heart and Sega are working together on a Neptunia game crossover that features characters from Compile Hearts’ series with the Sega Hardware Girls. Dengeki shares the latest details including a summary of the story and more on the two heroines.


A grand library that administers all of the world’s history.


They say that the history books in this library have the power to actually rewrite the history of the world.


After a long journey, IF steps foot into the grand library with a certain objective in mind.


However, at the same time, something happens in the library that has been making the history books disappear left and right.


The books’ disappearance means the actual loss of history. As history disappears before her own eyes… so does the world.


In order to correct these wrongs, IF begins her adventure on a journey that goes beyond space-time.


IF (CV: Kana Ueda):


Iffy is the protagonist of Hyperdimension Great War Neptune Vs. Sega Hardware Girls. In a world that is seeing an era of extinction, she’s an adventurer who journeys around the world with her bike to find something fun and for a brighter tomorrow.


nep-vs-sega_150709-0 nep-vs-sega_150709-1

She’s a serious, cool, and steady character, one who keeps the group together, but she can be a bit of a “chuunibyou” (one with some delusional thoughts of having special powers that no other person has, or act like know-it-all adults and look down on others.)


Hatsumi Sega (CV: Emi Nitta):


An unknown young girl with amnesia. She goes by “Segami” or “Segamin.” She doesn’t remember anything other than her name, but she seems to show an unordinary tenacity for changing the history of the war between the Goddesses and the Sega Hardware Girls.


She has a leader-like charismatic personality, and she doesn’t listen to others at times, but she occasionally comes up with ideas from out of nowhere that even baffle her own friends.


Hyperdimension Great War Neptune Vs. Sega Hardware Girls is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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