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Meet The Man Who Held Up A 200KG Ceiling BY HIMSELF In Be A Man! Samurai School


Everyone is manly in Be A Man! Samurai School. Everyone. Take Toramura Ryuji. He’s so manly, his first day of school he farted in the face of an instructor because he could. As his punishment, he was forced to hold up 200kg suspended ceiling for half a year by himself. Are you serious? Yes, yes we are.


With his blood, sweat and manly hot tears, he has some serious powers, practicing a form of Kenpo while also having specialized sumo skills – he’s ranked as a yokozuna in his home town. Oh, and he does have that fart as a special attack. And yes, just like our Lord and Master Baron Dino, he fights in a fundoshi in Be A Man! Samurai School: Japan, This Is What’s Called Being A Man!









The so-called second in command alongside Momo is Date Omito. He’s got strong ideals, refusing to kill woman and with three scars on each side of his face making him pretty distinct. They almost look like someone had scratched him there intentionally like cat marks. Hmm. He fights with a retractable spear that’s tricky to judge distances on, and which helps him overcome the main problems of wielding a spear against those who come in close to fight it out.


Apparently, he’s actually been voted the most popular guy in the entire series…






Hien is one of those who strikes out against Momo and the school from a rival place initially. A master in throwing needles and acupuncture, he’s able to control your muscles without you being able to do anything about it. His dashing good looks, coupled with his insistence on fighting in a Chinese keikogi make him stupidly attractive to woman, something the men of the school constantly note. But even MANLY MEN have hobbies, and Hein’s is… Knitting.






Finally, we get Gekko. Here’s a man who is so manly he can see and fight normally even though he’s actually BLIND. Fighting with a retractable steel baton – which he apparently has used to play steel golf with steel golf balls with – he actually bites it in in the series… but comes back later because MANLY MEN will live through even brain surgery after near-fatal death.


Be A Man! Samurai School: Japan, This Is What’s Called Being A Man! will be out for the MANLY PlayStation 3 February 27th. And if you’re going to get it, Baron Dino swears only MANLY MEN will be getting his version.