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Meet Mary Skelter 2’s “Hero” Hamelin, Intellectual Troll Gretel, And The Hungry Rapunzel



Compile Heart updated the official website of Mary Skelter 2 with details on new characters including the self-proclaimed hero Hamelin, the intellectual and curious Gretel, and the always-hungry Rapunzel.


Hamelin (CV: Ayaka Imamura)


Tsuu and friends meet her while wandering around an underground cavern. They say that she has the strength to rule part of the underground cavern, but due to her occasional stuttering while speaking and tripping on the floor, she’s mistaken as a small fry enemy.


She started out by defeating powerful Marchens of the underground cavern and called herself the “Demon King,” but after gaining “friends” that she’s been wanting, she has changed her self-proclaimed title to “Hero.”


Gretel (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)


She lives in the solitary cell area with her brother Hansel. She has a high sense of intellectual curiosity, and likes to think logically from various perspectives. However, due to this way of thinking she has a dry personality and is inconsiderate around other peoples’ feelings, and is lacking in morals.


Gretel often watches the party’s troubles and exchanges from a distance and actually seems to enjoy doing so. She likes teasing Hamelin.


Rapunzel (CV: Ari Ozawa)


The youngest girl who has very long blonde hair. She’s a wild child who mistakes Little Mermaid for emergency fish rations and tries biting her, and even tries eating the Jail when she’s hungry.


However, thanks to Tsuu, Little Mermaid, and the others we get to see a glimpse of a more honest and human-like part of her. Her innocent behavior can be soothing at times for the other Blood Maidens.


Lastly, here’s a look at the opening video for Love Tower Prison Mary Skelter, the pre-order bonus love adventure game that comes with Mary Skelter 2:


You can read the character details for Tsuu, Little Mermaid, and Nightmare Jack in our previous report.


Mary Skelter 2 releases in Japan on June 28, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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