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Meet Omega Quintet’s Hero And His Friends



We’ve already met the Verse Maidens of Omega Quintet, but just like any other idol, they wouldn’t have gotten there without the support from their managers, friends, and fans. The official website introduces us to some of the supporting characters.





Takuto is the protagonist of Omega Quintet. He’s a childhood friend of Otoha’s, and grew up in the same institute. While he usually tries avoiding trouble, he often ends up getting pulled into it because of Otoha.


He’s a positive guy, who’ll be taking on the role of the manager and bodyguard of Otoha, who recently became a Verse Maiden.




Momoka is a veteran Verse Maiden, whose been part of the scene for quite a while now. She might look a little childish, but she acts her age once she’s on stage. She also seems like the perfect idol in front of the media, but she’s actually pretty crude and has quite the potty-mouth.




Ayumi is Takuto’s superior, and has been Momoka’s manager for several years. In addition to taking care of manager business, she handles songs, clothing, and even the Verse Maidens’ live coverage.





Shiori is Kyouka’s coach, and she was part of the previous generation of Verse Maidens alongside Momoka. She’s usually an easy-going and proper adult, but she doesn’t seem to get along too well with Momoka, and shows a different side of herself when she’s around.




Godou is a man with a strong sense of justice, and is the leader of the neighborhood watch. He usually checks out dangerous areas and helps commoners make a run for it when Beeps show up.




Tomekichi is a huge fan of the Verse Maidens, and is the leader of one of the supporting fan groups. When it comes to Verse Maidens, he’s louder than anyone, and is actually a charismatic guy that takes the lead… well, at least amongst the fans.


You can also check out voice samples from all the characters we’ve been introduced to thus far, here.


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Omega Quintet is slated for release on September 18, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation 4.

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