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Meet Royal Priestess Rayfa In Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice


Royal Priestess Rayfa

Capcom has started a series of blog posts sharing everything players need to know about the cast of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice before the game’s digital launch on September 8, 2016. In the first post, fans get an introduction to the Royal Priestess Rayfa Padma Khura’in.


As detailed in the Capcom blog, Rayfa is a 14-year-old princess of the Kingdom of Khura’in. She is also a priestess with a lot of responsibilities. Rayfa performs a daily Dance of Devotion at the Tehm’pul Temple, and her spiritual powers are also used to resolve legal matters. How her powers are used in court are described as follows.


In the courtroom, Rayfa’s powers of Spirit Communion also allow her to guide the soul of the victim to a large reflecting pool in the center of the hall, a practice known as the Divination Séance. With this, the pool will display for all to see the last moments of the victim’s life, and with Rayfa’s insights based on these scenes, judgment is then passed.


Rayfa’s powers of divination are so strong she can recall the victim’s last moments, even details like the way things look, taste, or smell. As such, the priestess is used to seeing her word be passed along as judgment. As someone who is described as having a “frosty air of superiority” when dealing with others, it should be interesting to see how she handles a defense attorney who turns everyone’s thinking around.

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