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Meet Style Savvy 4’s Aspiring Singers, And How You Can Save The Day


The official website for Style Savvy 4 recently updated, revealing the profiles for the three girls who are aspiring singers and need the player’s fashion advice. They have various personalities, and their success depends on what style the player recommends.


Yayoi Sakurano:



A country girl who came to town aspiring to be a singer. She’s currently studying fashion really hard. She’s always energetic, and a little clumsy.


Tsukiko Aomurasaki:



She is aiming to be a singer using her outstanding talent in the field. Her whimsical actions and words make her stand out in the way that a wealthy young lady would. She likes coffee.


Hotaru Kinashi:



A curious young girl who really loves eating bread. She’s a big fan of a certain Sci-fi movie and can’t stop talking about it. She’s supposedly quite famous online.




There are many events that will pop up, such as auditions and stage lives. Players may be asked to coordinate their outfits for these events. The choices the player makes will be reflected in the result of the event.


For example, Yayoi comes up to the player asking them to coordinate her debut live outfit. Depending on if you give her a Girly style or a Rock style, her debut song will change.


…If you choose a Girly style outfit:


…If you choose a Rock style outfit:


Style Savvy 4 will be available for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 2, 2017; It will also be available as New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star in Europe on November 24, 2017. A demo for the EU version is currently available.

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