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Meet The Auroki People From Upcoming Wii U Adventure The Song Of Seven



    Despite having a failed Kickstarter for a fantasy puzzle adventure called Bliss in 2013, indie studio Enlightened Games has continued to work on the project, which is now called The Song of Seven. In the video above the studio shows off the current state of the game.


    The Song of Seven consists of five chapters, and follows a young boy Auroki – a simple folk with monkey-like tails – called Kiba, who is described as “energetic, daydreaming, [and] sarcastic.”



    Kiba undergoes a tale of personal growth throughout his adventure, as he confronts the shadows of the world and inside himself, delving into a spiritual journey that will apparently contain both comedy and thought-provoking puzzles.


    The video above teases that The Song of Seven will be coming to the Wii U eShop “soon.” Other platforms haven’t been confirmed yet, but it’s worth noting that Enlightened Games is a registered developer for PlayStation, so perhaps it’ll also pop up on one or more of Sony’s consoles.


    Below you can get a look at some of the characters you’ll meet as Kiba in The Song of Seven. There’s plenty more information about the game on its website.





    Chris Priestman

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