Meet The Catgirls Of Sekai Project’s Visual Novel NEKOPARA Vol. 1


Sekai Project has released a number of videos for its upcoming visual novel NEKOPARA Vol. 1. The all-ages version is due to be released on Steam on December 29th but you can download the demo on the Steam page right now. While R-18 version will be released outside of Japan on December 30th.


In NEKOPARA Vol. 1 you play as young pastry chef Kashou Minaduki as he moves out of his family home of confectionary makers to open his own patisserie called “La Soleil.” When packing away his things he finds the two catgirls (nekos) the family had been raising in secret, Chocola and Vanilla, who plead to come with him, so he brings them along.


The rest of the game follows Minaduki as he lives and works with Chocola and Vanilla, meeting plenty of other catgirls, and encountering comedy and romance along the way. In this latest NEKOPARA game, Sekai Project has given the nekos full voice animation, and an E-mote system that sees them changing expression and poses in smooth movements.


You can see these new features on display in the video introductions of each of the catgirls below.


Chris Priestman