Meet the characters of .hack//GU Vol. 2: Reminisce



Gaspard (Shadow Warlock) – Gaspard wields a grimoire into battles and is a very reliable group member. He can cast a variety of attack spells, as well as heal the group in a pinch. Gaspard’s true calling is in the Crimson VS card battle game. He is currently the reigning champion and you will have to defeat him to claim the number 1 spot. 


Piros the 3rd (Lord Partizan) – Piros the 3rd is the only group member capable of wielding the deadly lance. He has very good physical defenses but suffers more damage when hit with magic. Piros the 3rd also has lance skills that will make dealing with aerial enemies much easier. Partnering with Piros the 3rd negates the need to have a long range attack member, so pairing him with Atoli and Haseo works well.


Alkaid  (Twin Blade) – Alkaid specializes in high agility and rapid attacks, making it very difficult for enemies to find an opening to counterattack. Alkaid teams up well with Haseo and a casting/healing class character such as Sakubo, Atoli, or Gaspard.


Sakubo (Shadow Warlock) – Sakubo equips a grimoire in battle and has access to some of the most devastating spells in the game. Her spells are well suited to disrupting groups of enemies from a distance while racking up combo chains. She is weak during close combat but once she gets some breathing room, Sakubo can work over her enemies.


Endrance (Blade Brandier) – Endrance wields the same type of swords as Silabus, but brings greater skill, strength, and defense to battle. Properly equipped, he can be the most capable and most deadly of the three Blade Brandiers. A group comprised of Haseo, Endrance, and a magic user such as Atoli is nearly unstoppable.


Antares (Blade Brandier) – Antares is yet another swordfighter, though not quite as good as Endrance. What he lacks in power and skill, he makes up for in experience. Set Antares’ strategy to “Free-Will,” and he’ll prove his wisdom, conserving SP when appropriate, then unleashing a flurry of attacks at just the right moment. Like Endrance, Antares goes well with a healer.


Matsu (Adept Rogue) – Matsu is capable of wielding multiple weapon types, similar to Haseo, but for now he can only use steam guns. An alternate to Kuhn, Matsu is a little quicker on the draw, bringing down airborne enemies with ease. However, his HP and defense are lower, so don’t let enemies surround him. Matsu is another character who, when taught healing spells, can support his allies if a dedicated healer is not available.



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