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Meet The New Characters Of Combat Core, An Anime-esque Arena Fighter



The creator of 3D arena fighting game Combat Core has released a new trailer that shows off the current state of the game. It has to be said: it’s a big improvement on what was presented during its failed Kickstarter back in June last year.


In Combat Core, you can go up against an opponent in a 1v1 match, or you can turn up the chaos with up to 4-player battle royale and team modes against bots or other players. Each combatant enters the enclosed arena with three lives. The winner is the one that manages to deplete all the lives of their opponent. The arenas are filled with different environmental hazards and weapons that you can pick up to assist in the battle.


You can play as one of the game’s new and original anime-style characters who are introduced in the trailer. Or you can create your own combatant with unique stats, attacks, skills, appearance, and power core that grants special attacks and stats boosts.


The power core are central to the game’s combat mechanics as the energy these grant you determines if you can use your shield as well as unleash one of your special attacks. If there’s not enough energy then you’ll have to wait for it to recharge. However, there are spots in some arenas that increase the recharge rate but also leave you vulnerable.


Combat Core will be heading to Kickstarter once again on May 15th. At the end of the trailer it is revealed that it should hopefully be coming to PC, Xbox One, and Wii U.

Chris Priestman