PlayStation Vita

Meet Three Of Mind≒0’s MIND-Bending Characters In A New Trailer


Mind≒0 is the upcoming dungeon crawling RPG from Acquire and ZeroDiv for Vita. The story is centered around a group of teenagers (plus one grown man) who have the power to summon familiars called MINDs to fight monsters in a parallel world. In this video, you can see three of those MIND users, Ogata, Kotone, and Lina.

Along with the MIND users, there are innocent sub-characters like Shizuku Kamina.


Shizuku is a sixteen-year-old girl and is Kei’s childhood friend. Along with Kei, she goes to school with Sana and Leon. She likes stuffed animals and names all of the stuffed animals she owns. She gets along well with Leon, mainly because they are both airheads. For some reason, she can see MINDs, even though she can’t summon them.


Also, as part of a countdown towards the release of the game, ZeroDiv is releasing a new wallpaper for mobile devices on their website every weekday.


Mind≒0 will be released for the PlayStation Vita on August 1.