Meet The Witch, The Doctor And The Goddess In Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land

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We previously got a look at Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land’s tiny magical elf-like creatures, known as “Harvest Sprites”. The latest update on the game introduces us to a cute mini-Harvest Goddess, a small witch, and a charming flamboyant doctor.


Little Harvest Goddess:



The Little Harvest Goddess was a recently born goddess, who is new to the game. While she has the spirit of a proper goddess, she’s a bit lacking on the magical side, and fails every now and then, so she still has ways to go in becoming a goddess.


She can be a little sensitive at times and cries if she fails continually, showing a little bit of a childish side to her.


Little Witch:


The Little Witch was wandering around and just so happened to come across the town in Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land. She took a liking to the town, and has decided to live there since.


Unlike the Little Harvest Goddess, she possesses extremely powerful magic; however, she can be a little childish at times. She might have a short temper, but deep down, she’s honest and kind.



Marian is the doctor in the guild’s clinic. She is actually quite the flamboyant older-sister type of character… and she is actually a he! Regardless of her personality and appearance, she’s actually quite the talented doctor.


Thanks to her being able to communicate well with people of either gender, they often go to her regarding relationship issues, and for gossip. She also seems to get along with the rancher, George, as well.


Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will be released in Japan on February 27, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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