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Meet Yooka-Laylee’s Low-Poly Dino, Rextro Sixtyfourus



Playtonic has revealed a new character to IGN that you’ll get to meet in upcoming 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee.


Called Rextro Sixtyfourus, this new character is a dinosaur that is made to look like he’s straight out of a ‘90s platformer. As such, he has scanlines over him as if you’re seeing him on an old CRT TV, and his low-poly body is blocky and has sharp edges.


In fact, the whole shtick of Rextro Sixtyfourus is that he actually is from the low-poly era. He’s the guardian of the arcade machines that are hidden in each of Yooka-Laylee’s levels and, being a little dim, he’s still waiting for someone to tell him that his decades-long shift is over.


That tragic back story aside, you’ll be able to play a retro-style game on these hidden arcade machines, and if you can beat it then you’ll unlock another Pagie.

Chris Priestman