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Mega Abomasnow Stomps Into Pokémon Shuffle This Week



This week, both the Nintendo 3DS and mobile versions of Pokémon Shuffle have been updated with a few new battles. [Thanks, Serebii.]


First off, a Mega Abomasnow competitive battle has begun, and the players who score in the top 50,000 in Japan, 19,000 in North America, and 12,000 in Europe will receive an Abomasnowite. This battle will run until February 16th.


Next, Diancie makes an appearance in the form of an Escalation Battle. The stage will be available until February 23rd and will reward various prizes, including a Diancite at level 50.


Lastly, a competitive Mega Blastoise battle has also begun on the mobile version of Pokémon Shuffle. The players that place in the top 80,000 in the world get a Blastoisinite while the top 20,000 also get a Mega Speedup. The Mega Blastoise stage will be available until February 16th, same as the Mega Abomasnow battle.


Pokémon Shuffle is available for Nintendo 3DS and iOS and Android devices.