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Mega Man 11 Video Talks About His 3D Model’s Design


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Capcom has begun uploading several videos detailing various aspects of the making of Mega Man 11. This week, they revealed more about how Mega Man’s new design was tweaked and changed into the 3D form that is seen in-game.


3D Character Design

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Originally, the designers came up with a prototype image based off of Mega Man’s previous design in Mega Man 8. However, with the shift into HD, they found that the previous design was too flat and featureless, so they decided to make a new design with more details to the body, such as more lines, and a more detailed buster.


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This above proposal for a more detailed Mega Man design became the basis for the finalized Mega Man 11 new design. While the details aren’t really that visible in actual gameplay, the development team took the time to get the details right, because they felt it would be a waste of a new design if they didn’t.


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The team also fiddled a lot with something that didn’t need to be considered in Mega Man’s other games – the lighting on Mega Man’s model. They also went back and forth on whether Mega Man should have an outline or not. In fact, Mega Man 11 doesn’t use environmental lighting at all. Every character in the game has their own personal lighting effect on them in order to best bring out their appeal.


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Regarding the size of Mega Man on the screen, the team wanted to show as much of Mega Man’s face as possible. Furthermore, the rule of thumb was that the smaller the screen size, the more deformed Mega Man should be, so that the screen didn’t seem too cramped.


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In the end, they went with a semi-deformed look that focused on the body parts they wanted to emphasize, namely his head, his arms, and his legs. It fit as a nice compromise between his 2D proportions and his new character design.


You can find the full video below:


Mega Man 11 releases on October 2, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out its pre-order trailer here and more details on the game including the Double Gear system here.

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