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Mega Man 25th Anniversary News From Capcom’s PAX East Panel


IMG_5438At PAX East’s World of Capcom Panel, Capcom said this will be the first wave of Mega Man announcements for the Blue Bomber’s 25th birthday celebration.


Mega Man 4 (the NES game) is scheduled for release on 3DS Virtual Console on April 25. Mega Man 5‘s release date is tentatively May 16, and Mega Man 6 is slated for June. Capcom is looking into what other Mega Man games can be released too and someone from the crowd shouted "Mega Man Soccer!" and a representative replied "done!" in a joking way.


As for Mega Man merchandise, the Mega Buster USB stick is one of the fastest things selling from the Capcom Unity Store. A new collectable figure will be released this summer at San Diego Comic-Con in limited numbers. Another figure has Mega Man and Mega Man X together to represent X’s upcoming anniversary, which will be an exclusive on the Capcom store.



A new series of Japanese art books will be localized including Mega Man R20+ which is due in the second half of 2013.


Next month is the crossover with Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comics. This starts with Mega Man #24 next month and it spans into 12 parts. There will be a free primer on Free Comic Book Day on May 4. Soundtracks for classic Mega Man games will also be available for fans to purchase digitally too.


Finally, Capcom said they have heard the calls of Mega Man fans and are "working behind the scenes" on something new, but want to make sure that they have something before they announce anything.

Matt Hawkins