Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection
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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Sold Over 60,000 Copies in Few Days

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection just started appearing on the Famitsu sales charts and it already topped it. This chart uses data from April 10-16, 2023, and includes both physical and digital copies. The Switch version of the game is in first place, and the PS4 version is in fifth. In total, it has sold over 60,000 units during its first week in Japan. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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The vast majority of the Famitsu sales ranking for April 10-16, 2023 are Nintendo Switch games. Regardless, since Legacy Collection came out on April 14, 2023, this means that it has sold at least 60,000 copies across two of its platforms.

Here are the rankings, along with how many copies each game sold during the week:

  1. Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (Switch): 52,375 copies
  2. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe (Switch): 11,372 copies
  3. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Switch): 9,499 copies
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch): 9,071 copies
  5. Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4): 7,871 copies
  6. Minecraft (Switch): 7,307 copies
  7. Resident Evil 4 Remake (PS4): 7,189 copies
  8. Splatoon 3 (Switch): 7,147 copies
  9. Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch): 5,564 copies
  10. Dokapon Kingdom: Connect (Switch): 5,411 copies

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is a compilation of ten Mega Man games. Not only does it have the six mainline titles, but it also has the various versions that came out starting with the third entry. All of the Patch Cards are also in this collection, and there is a new Buster Max Mode to help you power through regular battles.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is available on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam.

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