Mega Man x Dive Ending, Mega Man x Dive Mobile Isn’t

Mega Man x Dive is ending on both the PC via Steam and mobile devices in September, but Mega Man x Dive Mobile is still running
Image via Capcom Taiwan

Capcom Taiwan announced Mega Man x Dive is ending on mobile devices and the PC via Steam, however, the Nebulajoy Mobile version on Android and iOS devices will continue running for the moment. The game will cut-off on September 27, 2023, though it is already no longer possible to purchase the real-money Element Metal. Leading up to the end, people will get one True Favorite Capsule per day that contains an S-rank character and Elemental Metal Supply Box and Dark Code Coin daily. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Here’s the official announcement from the Rockman x Dive Twitter account, which included a brief video. It confirmed the September 27, 2023 cut-off date.

The YouTube video offered an English translation.

And here’s the confirmation that the mobile global version will still keep running.

The game is a blend of a typical Mega Man platformer and gacha. You can get additional characters and go through stages. This also meant more obscure characters could appear, or we’d see different versions of iconic individuals.

Mega Man x Dive‘s Android, Apple iOS, and PC service will end on September 27, 2023, though the Nebulajoy version will remain running.

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