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Mega Man X-esque Roguelike 30XX is a Full Sequel to Fan Favorite 20XX


Back in 2014, while the Mega Man drought was still in full force, Batterystaple Games released 20XX onto Steam Early Access, a action-platformer roguelike that combined Mega Man X-like gameplay with concepts like permadeath and a co-op feature. Earlier this week, they announced a sequel to that fan-favorite title, aptly named 30XX.

One of the main complaints about 20XX was its artstyle, and 30XX fixes this by bringing on Rogue Legacy artist Glauber Kotaki, who has revamped the artstyle into something more akin to the game’s inspirational source. There are eight new worlds with their own gimmicks to travel through, and eight new Guardians to defeat in order to bring back peace.

Once again, Nina and Ace return as the main playable characters, but this time, they possess an entirely different moveset rather than just different primary weapons. Nina’s Power Fusion system lets her merge together abilities for up to 64 different special ability attacks, while Ace can chain her blade strikes with Techniques to combo enemies and adapt to varying situations. With the game’s co-op feature, two players can take on the ever-changing worlds together.

Finally, 30XX now has a ‘Memoria’ currency collected during runs that can boost character abilities, show upcoming challenges, or alter stages. By completing certain criteria, you can also try out additional difficulties via Entropy Conditions that also increase the amount of Memoria you earn, among other rewards.

30XX releases in 2021 for PC and consoles. A demo will be playable at PAX East 2020. You can visit the game’s Steam page here.

Alistair Wong
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