MegaHouse Reveals WIP Persona 5 Royal Joker and Goro Figures

Megahouse Persona 5 Joker Goro Figures

MegaHouse revealed the first official images of its work-in-progress Persona 5 Royal Joker and Goro figures. The two figures are part of MegaHouse’s Lucrea figure line. More information about the figures will be released at a later date. MegaHouse has not yet announced an official release date.

The two Lucrea figures were previously announced back in September 2021. There are some slight differences in comparison to the previous announcement. Notably, the new images of Joker show the character without his signature mask. The new images of Goro also show the character without his helmet. As with past Persona 5 Royal Lucrea figures, this likely indicates that each characters’ mask parts can be taken off.

Both figures are based on the characters’ Showtime attack poses. The Goro Akechi figure depicts the Loki version of the character’s Crow persona. This is also the first figure ever to depict Crow in Loki form.

You can get a better look at the Persona 5 Royal Joker and Crow Loki (Goro Akechi) figures below.

The new figures are part of Atlus’ Persona 25th anniversary celebration. The company is also opening up an official Shop Atlus online store later this month, where it will sell Persona anniversary goods. A special Persona 25th anniversary concert will also be held in December 2021.

The Persona 5 Royal Joker and Goro figures are currently in development. There is no confirmed price or release date. MegaHouse will release further information about the figures at a later date.

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