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New Mecha Series Megaton Musashi Revealed As Level-5’s Fifth Cross-Media Project [UPDATE]



Level-5 announced their fifth cross-media project after Yo-kai Watch and Snack World with Megaton Musashi, a new sci-fi series in a world where 90% of mankind was destroyed by aliens. Yes, there are giant mechas.

The above is a look at the pilot episode that was showcased during the event. Megaton Musashi takes place on the year 2118 where alien invaders called the “Dorakuta” took out 90% of mankind and made Earth into a giant next by creating a giant donut-like hole through its middle. While the rest of the surviving mankind lives in a secure area called “Shelter” and have had their minds erased to forget everything about what happened with the Dorakuta invasion, the main characters were chosen to fight back and still have their memories intact.




In order to fight back against the Dorakuta, you’ll use the giant mechas called “Musashi” to take them on.



The above image is a first look at Megaton Musashi on 3DS. We’ll find out more information about the games on a later date.




The cross-media project will also bring figures based on the mecha along with the card-like items that were shown in the anime short for the Megaton special attacks.



As part of its cross-media project, Level-5 will be working with Jump for what will ikely be a new manga. Go Nagai, known for creating Mazinger Z, which was also a mecha series in Weekly Shonen Jump, shared a message saying that he’s looking forward to seeing Megaton Musashi on the weekly magazine. Hino said that he’ll do his best to make something that won’t let him down.


Megaton Musashi is expected to launch in Summer 2017. Western release plans have yet to be decided and determined.

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