Megaton Rainfall Finally Lets You Feel Like Superman



If you played Superman 64 you’d be forgiven for assuming that every superhero game is worthless and awful. But, perhaps Megaton Rainfall will change your mind about that.


It’s a first-person superhero game. Essentially, you get to see through Superman’s eyes during an alien invasion of the Earth. Flying saucers, particle beams, and serpent-like machines are destroying the world. You’ve got to save it with complete freedom of movement and the ability to cause large scale destruction.


What’s perhaps the coolest aspect of Megaton Rainfall shown in the teaser trailer above is, simply, flying in first-person. Arms outstretched in front of you, you’re able to go from zero to mach 10 in five seconds. The problem with that is controlling it. As is noted on the game’s IGF page, if you miss your target when flying at that speed, you’ll accidentally destroy skyscrapers by barrelling through them.


Also noted on that page is that you don’t just have Earth to fly around. You have the entire observable universe, apparently – that’s ten thousand quintillion solar systems. You should probably save Earth first before you go exploring the infinite, probably, maybe …


Not much else is known about Megaton Rainfall right now so look out for updates on its website.

Chris Priestman