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Megaton Rainfall Will Turn You Into A Superhero On PlayStation VR


Sony released a PlayStation VR showcase video for Paris Games Week and in it is an unexpected reveal.


As you’ll see at the minute mark, Megaton Rainfall will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and make use of the console’s VR headset to make you feel like Superman.


Megaton Rainfall puts you in the first-person perspective of a superhero during an alien invasion on Earth. You have to stop the aliens by seeking out their weak spots and launching attacks against them.


You also have complete freedom of movement, able to fly around at high-speed all around the Earth – it’s also said that you can fly around the universe and visit other planets too. On top of that, the environments are fully destructible so you can level entire cities (although you’re supposed to be saving them!).


There’s no info on when Megaton Rainfall might be released as of yet.

Chris Priestman