Gemany-based developer René Rother is currently creating RK3000 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s a huge robot game inspired by Godzilla and Megazords in which your only goal is to destroy a stylized city, with or without the aid of friends.


No, really, that’s all there is to RK3000—you’re a giant robot that punches and kicks buildings, throws tanks at other tanks, stomps on people, and is generally a bit of a nightmare for humanity and its cities.


Aside from that, RK3000’s two main features are its four-player local co-op and its map editor. You can design humongous cities, fill them with military units, and get to work thrashing about and toppling the buildings. That’s one way of letting out some rage, I suppose.


And, hey, you’ll look good doing it, too. Check out the video above (it’s not a trailer, just a development video) to get a little look at the choice use of color – pinks, light greens, purples, and pale yellows – and how it all comes together in motion.


You might notice that the robots fill up with red as they get attacked by the military. This is the game’s slick damage meter, borrowed from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The idea is for the game to be very clean-looking, as you should be able to see.


More information on RK3000 is available over on its website where Rother updates recent progress on the game regularly. Also worth noting is that the game is being built in Unity, so platforms outside of PC are certainly possible.

Chris Priestman

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