Memory’s Dogma Code:01’s Comiket Manga And Steam Page Go Live



Memory’s Dogma Code:01’s release is drawing nearer. Last year, Sekai Project and LizArts announced a visual novel set in a world where people’s memories are saved as e-Memories in Connect Centers. After someone days, their loved ones can visit these places to speak with them. Later this year, we’ll be able to follow Hiroki and Kakeru as they attempt to steal the memories of Sorano, before her e-Memories are erased. But, before you do, it’s possible to read the Memory’s Dogma manga.


Originally released at Summer Comiket, the Memory’s Dogma Code:01 manga introduces readers to the game’s characters and world. It’s free to read, though someone must follow @lizarts_ and @sekaiproject and retweet @sekaiproject to gain access to the story.


Now that the Memory’s Dogma Code:01 Steam product page is online, the game’s cast listing is available. Here are the official credits, accompanied by other roles each actor or actress has played, to help you recognize them.

  • Kusuhara Hiroki (CV: Ishiya Haruki)
    Hibike! Euphonium (Tsukamoto Shuuichi)
    Azure Striker Gunvolt (Zeno)
  • Orikasa Reina (CV: Oonishi Saori)
    Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Ais Wallenstein)
    Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (Eriri Spencer Sawamura)
  • Mizunashi Sorano (CV: Satou Satomi)
    K-On! (Tainaka Ritsu)
    Is the Order a Rabbit? (Chiya Ujimatsu)
  • Amamiya Kakeru (CV: Horie Shun)
    Mayoiga (Hellfire)
    THE [email protected] SideM (Pierre)
  • Kanzaki Haruna (CV: Nakamura Eriko)
    THE [email protected] (Amami Haruka)
    Hetalia (Belgium)
  • Kokonoe Akane (CV: Fujita Saki)
    WORKING!! (Inami Mahiru)
    VOCALOID2 (Hatsune Miku)
  • Ema (CV: Asakawa Yuu)
    Fate/stay night (Rider)
    Akame ga Kill! (Leone)
  • Mizunashi Aoi (CV: Nabatame Hitomi)
    Girls und Panzer (Itsumi Erika)
    Seiyu’s Life! (Shiodome Hikari)
  • Kozakura Mikoto (CV: Honda Mariko)
    Nichijou (Aioi Yuuko)
    Student Council’s Discretion (Sakurano Kurimu)

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Memory’s Dogma Code:01 will come to Windows PCs in 2016.

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