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Mercenaries Saga 2 Is Like Luminous Arc Or Final Fantasy Tactics On A Budget



We occasionally see smartphone titles get a port to handheld systems, but for 500 yen on the Nintend eShop, Mercenaries Saga 2 looks pretty good when it comes to your bang for the buck with its familiar strategy RPG elements. Here’s a look at how it plays.


Before the action, there are conversations that occur in the “Event Parts” before the battle, where you can see the main characters interact amongst each other or the enemies.



Once the action begins, the goal of Mercenaries Saga 2 is pretty simple, as you move your allied units closer to enemies, and take them out. You get items and money for defeating enemies, and experience points that levels up a character for each 100 EXP earned.



Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and other strategy RPGs, there are player and enemy phases, and it depends on the stage as to how many characters your can use per battle. If a character falls, you’ll be able to revive them within a certain amount of turns, otherwise you won’t be able to for the rest of that stage.


Stages are won by defeating all enemies or meeting the given conditions. You’re then given skill points for your characters to learn new abilities, which you can check out at the main menu. Before going into another fight, you can make adjustments to your party or purchase items at the shop.


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While the game is a port from a mobile title, the 3DS version has additional stages to make for 32 total chapters, along with extra stages for the game’s Free Battle mode. They’ve also made adjustments to balance out the battles compared to the way it was in the original version.


Mercenaries Saga 2 is currently available in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for 500 yen.

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