A Mermen Tail Wrestling RPG Is On The Way



Argentinian studio Beavl has announced Tail Wrestling. It’s a game that’ll be the first part of its 3Mermen series and will be out for iOS and Android in the coming months.


Tail Wrestling has you playing as a merman who, yes, competes in tail wrestling. It’s to be an RPG of sorts, with elements of tapping games, reaction games, simulation games, and point-and-click adventures also making it in there.


You’ll have to progress your merman in order to stay on top of the competition. You’ll also be able to unlock new mermen and find secrets throughout the game.


Speaking of unlocking mermen, Beavl is conducting a series of interviews with “real mermen” who will be unlockable in the game. The first of these is Tony Ray – you can read it here. You can see what Tony Ray looks like in reality as well as in the game above.

Chris Priestman