Metal Gear Online Gets A Tad Quieter In March


The Metal Gear Online Twitter account was abuzz with news about its March 2016 DLC. The next pack will include an additional, playable character, three maps, and Appeal Actions animations. However, the Twitter account seems to be focusing on the inclusion of Quiet in this update, going so far as to pin the tweet with her announcement.

Quiet will be a Unique Character in Metal Gear Online. This means, like Venom Snake and Revolver Ocelot, you’ll have a random chance to play as her if the Unique Character mission setting is enabled. One player on each team will be randomly selected to be a unique character, providing access to a special weapon and effect. In the case of Quiet, she’ll have one of her Butterfly sniper rifles.

The three new Metal Gear Online maps are set in three different locations. Azure Mountain takes people to the desert, with various rocky outcroppings to use for cover. Coral Complex is a base set on a rig out in the ocean, with various levels that will leave people wondering if the high or low ground would be best. Rust Palace is the final map and appears to be a base in the desert. It’s a multiple level building.

The last addition will be Appeal Actions. Konami will release four sets of animations that can be combined together to create a custom character animation. The Basic, Battle, Dance, and Hero Appeal Packs will all be available next month.

Konami has yet to announce a launch date and if or how much the Metal Gear Online March add-ons might cost. Metal Gear Online is immediately available to anyone who owns a copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Jenni Lada
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