Metal Gear Solid series composer Norihiko Hibino and pianist AYAKI (who perform together as GENTLE LOVE) have paid tribute to Satoru Iwata with a new cover track.


The two musicians covered the Onett theme from EarthBound in tribute to Iwata as he had a significant role in developing the game.


There’s also a second track that comes along with it called “Sincerely Yours” that pays tribute to Eiki Oshimi, who was a musical mentor to the Hibino family, and who passed within a few days of Iwata.


The two tracks are being sold together under the title Prescription for Peace: A Tribute to the Departed over on Loudr. You can purchase them for a minimum of a dollar, which covers the licensing costs to Nintendo, but any more you pay will go to the American Cancer Society.

Chris Priestman

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