Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: The Tweetview



Inspired by Ishaan’s Hexyz Force tweetview, I documented a single player session of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker over Twitter. This post covers the beginning of the game and skips the story scenes. So, don’t worry there aren’t any major spoilers… unless you didn’t know Doritos are an actual ration item in the PSP game.


Spen_Silconera: Oh man the tank (first boss) was hard to solo! I had to use the LAW rocket launcher and all of my missiles. 11:44 PM May 12th

Spen_Silconera: It feels like Peace Walker was designed primarily for co-op. 11:46 PM May 12th

Spen_Silconera: Time to a break from the main missions and check out extra ops (optional missions). 11:46 PM May 12th

Spen_Silconera: The first few are target practice. I guess these are for aiming practice with the d-pad or if you want weapon XP. 11:49 PM May 12th

Spen_Silconera: Costumes change Snake’s camo rating. Ex: Jungle fatigues get an A in jungle, B in concrete/woods. 11:51 PM May 12th

Spen_Silconera: Naked or shirtless Snake has a D everywhere except jungle. C for that. 11:52 PM May 12th

Spen_Silconera: You don’t *have* to use Snake for EX missions. There are selectable soldiers like Alligator and Rhinoceros. 11:54 PM May 12th

Spen_Silconera:  Statwise, they’re awful, in comparison. Snake has an A rating in all stats. Bluegill is a straight D soldier. 11:55 PM May 12th

Spen_Silconera: But, for this next mission I have to use another soldier. Alright, Alligator get off the bench. 11:55 PM May 12th




Spen_Silconera:  Alligator and I just beat a rescue mission where you have to evade being seen and you strap a solider with the fulton system 12:00 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: It’s like an inverse parachute. 12:00 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: The layout of the level is a rehash of the first mission. 12:00 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Alligator leveled up a bit. And I got a new recruit. Welcome to Mother Base, Badger. 12:01 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera:  Great now I have enough R&D to develop new weapons like a smoke grenade and M1911A1. 12:03 AM May 13th




Spen_Silconera:  But not enough provisions to make Doritos. :( 12:04 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Hahaha… Mountain Dew is even *more* high tech lvl 17 R&D, lvl 14 provisions 12:08 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Ah, a broken fence and inept guard with his back turned. 12:15 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Uh oh missed a headshot inside Aroma with the sleep gun. An "!" popped up. He’s a alert now. 12:18 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Good night nameless soldier. 12:31 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Just found an unconscious soldier inside and used the fulton system to send him flying… through the ceiling haha 12:32 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Oh noes! A truck driving off with nukes escaped in a cutscene. 12:34 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Real trouble – a tank spotted Snake and blew up the train car he was hiding in. T72-U Peace Sentinel 12:35 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Whew, next mission. Rearm w/ rocket launcher. The stun gun and silenced sleep pistol wouldn’t work well against steel… 12:36 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Smoke grenade and M1911A1 ready! And enough provisions to make Doritos haha. 12:37 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Oh yeah Peace Walker has a camera feature. I’ll try to capture screens for the tweetview. 12:38 AM May 13th




Spen_Silconera: Hahaha I just got spotted trying to do that, but I got the tank on a jpg. 12:41 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Whoops. Tank just whacked Snake in the head with its turret. Are you OK? Snnake?! Snnnnaaakke 12:44 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: Soldier ran in front of my rocket and it blew up in front of me. Hahaha. I should make a Metal Gear blooper roll. 12:48 AM May 13th

Spen_Silconera: The controls still take time to get used to. Aiming with the d-pad / moving with the analog stick. Wish the PSP had a second analog stick. 1:24 AM May 13th


This is where I realized, unlike the turn based Hexyz Force, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a rough game to tweetview. Enemies, even bosses, aren’t as vigilant compared to console Metal Gear Solid games. If you trigger an alarm and Snake happens to get surrounded it’s easy to immobilize an entire group with a quick time event style CQCs too. Soldiers don’t react as quickly to threats and its easier to hide from them. I suppose that’s fair because Naked Snake can’t crawl on the ground or sidestep along a wall. The biggest “enemy” may be the controls. Using the D-pad to aim and moving with the analog stick takes time to master. You can, however, set auto-aim which works better than Portable Ops.


Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops has some awesome boss fights against giant robots. Alone, Snake doesn’t stand much of chance unless you’re armed to the teeth. By collecting mercenaries with the fulton system you can level up Mother Base and upgrade or create new weapons. It’s possible to “grind” your way to better gear by replaying missions and strapping parachutes to unconscious soldiers.


I sort of did that to beat the second boss. The LAW rocket launcher and its limited ammo wasn’t cutting it. I needed to create the Supply MK, a parachute powered ammo drop station first.

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