Metal Max: Fireworks Details How To Build Tanks And Blow Up Bad Guys



Kadokawa Games recently revealed that Metal Max is getting a new smartphone game that will feature monsters vs. tanks with various bounty hunter characters. The official website shows us how the game is played.



The tanks are made from three different parts of the body, engine, and CPU. These determine various things like its weight, SP, and other stats.



You won’t be able to take out monsters without proper weapons! These have the biggest impact on your tank’s playstyle and how they perform in battle.



Once you’ve made a tank, you’ll have to pick a character that will take control of it. These characters have different abilities, and you’ll get to make teams of up to three units.



The Garage option lets you check out all of your tanks before going into battle.



The main story can only be completed once, but you’ll get to go on various exploration quests or “Wanted” quests to go on bounty hunts.



In the field map, the goal is to reach the boss from the starting point. The other icons show dungeons to explore, monster fights, and areas where you can find parts or items.


gamesystem_ph08 gamesystem_ph09

gamesystem_ph10 gamesystem_ph11

Battles are pretty simple, as all you need to do is set up your team then press the “Attack” button on the bottom-right of the screen to commence the auto-battle. Special items found on the map can also be used once per turn. These have various effects such as attack increases, or hits on monsters.


gamesystem_ph12 gamesystem_ph13

And finally, the “Wanted” quests come in three varieties of daily, weekly, and monthly. Doing these will give you huge rewards that can go into further boosting your units.


Metal Max: Fireworks will launch in Japan sometime this summer for Android and iPhone.

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