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Metal Max Xeno Details Iron Base, Tokyo Desert, and More Characters


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4gamer had more to share this week regarding the upcoming PS4 tank RPG, Metal Max Xeno, including details on the protagonist’s home base, the Iron Base.


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Originally Tokyo Bay, the Great Destruction caused desertification, turning it into Tokyo Desert. Amidst the sand is a mysterious structure, which is actually the protagonist’s base of operations, Iron Base. It is a scientific structure built to defeat NOA, and can virtually sustain it’s activities for near indefinitely thanks to it’s cutting edge technology. It is singular and isolated thanks to the defense army being obliterated doing it’s testing phases. The people living inside are secluded, as military officials have since then forbid citizen entry to the structure.


New characters:

Po-M (CV: Rika Tachibana)

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A female android assigned to Iron Base. Her full name is “Post Human Modified Class M”, and she is nicknamed Po-M. She relays information to the protagonist from home base.


D’Annunzio (CV: Gou Shinohara)

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A former defense army member living a quiet life along with Jingorou at Iron Base. He is knowledgeable about many things, but speaks in a ladylike fashion for some reason.


Jingorou (CV: Jin Urayama)

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The best in the world at fixing and preparing tanks for combat. He loves tanks from the bottom of his heart, and is especially fond of the R-Wolf. Yokky is currently under his mentorship.


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Additionally, voice actors for the previously revealed characters were also announced. Thalys will be voiced by Ryo Nezuka, Yokky is voiced by Youji Ikuda, and Toni is voiced by Erika Ishitobi.


Tokyo Desert

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Outside of Iron Base and the nearby “Iron Town” are a few scattered refugee camps among the desert, but just before Thalys arrives at Iron Base they are attacked and destroyed by a new monster type known as the SoNs.


As the starting area, Tokyo Desert will teach players the importance of fighting in a tank on the field.


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The Red Swan is a ‘named’ monster which stations itself near Iron Base. It is a unique specimen of sand shark with blood red skin.


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Unmanned Tanks and Desert Hoppers are autonomous machinery that lurk in the desert.



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Finally, there are dungeons called ‘Remains’ where Thalys will have to fight in person to plunder the goods within. Killing Machines that have been taken over by NOA, and mutated Killer Amoeba (which are a good source of protein) will be some of the opponents that he will have to face.


Metal Max Xeno releases in Japan in Spring 2018, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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