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Metal Max Xeno Is A Love Story Told In A Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo-Like Setting With Tank Action



Following our earlier report, Kadokawa Games shared more on Metal Max Xeno in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation with details on its story and setting as well as some talk from key developers. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


The game is set in a country called Nippon (“ニッポン” or Japan) in the year 209X. The protagonist is a half-machine human named Thalys who has the power to take on powerful monsters. The heroine is named Toni. Her father died and she has tagged alongside Thalys after getting saved by him. There’s also a mechanic named Yokky who spends his days getting drunk. He uses a giant wrench that is bigger than himself as a weapon.


The tank is designed by Atsuji Yamamoto, and it is called “The Crimson Avenger R-Wolf.” You’ll get to use the tank to start preemptive strikes on enemies. The main enemies of the game are known as SoNs, and they’re monsters that intend to exterminate all humanity.


Here are some notes from the interview with producer Juntaro Kohno, director Hiroshi Miyaoka, and composer Satoshi Kadokura:


  • The developers are looking to go back to the roots of tank and human RPG.


  • Metal Max 4 didn’t sell enough to be called a success, and this new title is considered a rebirth that is different from the numbered series, and with everything started from scratch.


  • The setting with the great destruction by Noah and the Blood Corporation is still intact, but it’ll take place in a different period of time.


  • The setting is made to have a Tokyo-like vibe.


  • The early stages will depict “A journey that sees the destruction of mankind.”


  • Bounty elements and tank customization will be available, with more to offer than past entries in the series.


  • New elements include “Shooting Mode” and “The Protagonist’s and Company’s Iron Base.”


  • It is said that the first playthrough is considered a giant tutorial, and the second one is the start of the real Metal Max.


  • Toni is the last virgin. The game might be about “a love story between the last virgin and last female virgin” [laughs].


  • You’ll get to listen to “WANTED.”


  • There are many new songs, but plenty of songs from the older games will be in the game as well.


  • Metal Max Xeno is being considered something of a spiritual successor to Metal Max: Wild Eyes that never released.


  • The goal for the developers is to make a completely new series that keeps the taste of the past series.


Metal Max Xeno is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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