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Metal Max Xeno Shows Off Several SoNs That Need To Be Exterminated


metal max x1

More information on Metal Max Xeno was revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, showing off more SoNs that Thalys will have to face off against, as well as a mysterious power that Thalys has in his mechanical arm.



metal max x1

Zamza is a SoNs that is nicknamed as “Irrational Movement”. It fights in a spider-like manner, using webs to slow down player character movements and following up with high-damage laser beams. It is cunning in that it uses bait to lure in it’s human prey, and it kidnaps Toni to bait Thalys to his demise. Zamza is a Wanted SoNS and by killing it, reward money will be given.



metal max x2

Zapper is an extermination robot SoNs which Thalys will encounter in Death Tokio. It is equipped with a highly intelligent AI that can understand human speech. As it fights, it learns and strengthens itself, and many humans have died to its varied patterns of attacks.


From the screenshots, we see Zapper upgrading itself, from Man Zapper (Prototype), to Man Zapper (Battle Type) and finally to Jack Zapper, as it judges Thalys to be stronger than an average human. Jack Zapper uses rocket launchers, laser beams, and other attacks, to destroy it’s enemies.


metal max x3

In battle, Thalys has a special skill where his mechanical left arm will transform and shoot out electricity. However, the bottom picture shows Thalys having vine-like markings appear around his neck and arm, seemingly as a cost for using the skill. How this ability will relate to the story is yet to be revealed, but the arm seems to be using some sort of foreign, unknown technology.


Metal Max Xeno releases in Japan on April 19, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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