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Metal Max Xeno Takes Character Customization Seriously


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Metal Max Xeno is a game that wants players to make their own decisions about their games. It gives you an array of different tanks that can be remodeled, customized, and equipped with different parts. While the vehicles are the main attraction, the human characters also receive a bit of care too. Every one of these people can be adjusted in different ways to alter their role or build in battle. This means you could take the people you like best, based on their looks or personality, and use them to put together the team you think would best help you survive in the wilderness.


The first way in which Metal Max Xeno gives people a sense of control is with the Road to Ace. Completing all sorts of actions in the game can award you with in-game achievements. They can be momentous, like finding a new tank, or minor, like happening to learn how to select a tank at the Iron Base. Depending on the gravity of the accomplishment, you can get as few as three points or as many as twenty. As you accrue Ace Points, you can distribute them to boost certain character stats.


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This means that the builds and stats that the character naturally develops isn’t so set in stone anymore. If I wanted to take Maria and make her into a character that specializes in using elemental types of weapons, like Beam IQ, Fire IQ, or Frost IQ, then I could work on that. If I wanted to take a generic Survivor character like Toni and make her into someone who was actually a good fighter, I could do that by pumping points into Combat Skills+, Muscle+, and Weapon IQ to build her up a bit. Also, I recommend giving everyone a little bit of Satisfaction, since that category boosts your odds at dealing critical hits by a small percentage.


There is also a class system in play. You have six total, each with different special abilities and sorts of roles in a fight. Every one of the party members will have a different place when they first change, which can be altered as you see fit. So Talis is an all-around good character known as a Hunter. He is great in any situation and tends to be best at dealing damage. Someone who is a Mechanic (Yokky) or Medic (Misaki) is first and foremost a supporter designed to fix tanks or heal people, but can also do well when attacking enemies from the type of target they would normally heal. Punks and Soldiers are both attackers with different sorts of focuses and specialties.


This means you can have parties put together based on what you are planning to do next in the wilderness. If you know you will be staying in tanks, a team with a Hunter, a Mechanic, and a Punk would be a good idea. All three are good at dealing damage when riding in vehicles. You have a supporter who is designed to repair tanks. And the Punk may be slow, but it is good at a lot of damage at once, especially with Blind Fire. If you know you will be heading into dungeons, then having a party that is good on foot is a better idea. A Soldier is absolutely necessary, since they are fiercest outside of tanks, a Medic is important to keep people safe, and a Survivor might be a good idea, since most of their skills work outside of tanks.


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There is even a little bit of multiclassing in play. You can only have one job equipped at a time. However, when you visit the Iron Base’s Neuro Tank, you can take skills from another job you were using and have three of them equipped with your current build. Say you like Misaki’s healing abilities, but would also like him to perhaps help keep tanks in good shape too. Making him a Mechanic for a while would let him learn skills like Repair Machine, Maint Magic, and Shield Life, all of which will help fix up machines and keep shields up. This means he could focus totally on keeping people alive. With Maria, I decided to make up for her original Soldier shortcomings by switching her to a Punk Class, but keeping skills like Dual Gun that would ensure she was devastating when attacking in a dungeon.


You can do a lot with your party in Metal Max Xeno. The game gives you the freedom to play with characters stats by using points you have earned to boost certain stats and damage percentages. It also lets you make sure people can step into the roles you need by letting you switch their jobs and their skills. It is a good way to let you focus on using people you like best, while also having backup characters who can pop in when you know you will be in specific situations.


Metal Max Xeno is available for the PlayStation 4.

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