Metal Slug: Awakening PS4 and PS5 Announcement is Fake

SNK Says Metal Slug: Awakening PS4 and PS5 Announcement is Fake

SNK took to Twitter to alert people that news about an alleged Metal Slug: Awakening PS4 and PS5 game is fake. It offered the clarification after some thought the false announcement is real. The actual Metal Slug: Awakening — known at one point as Metal Slug Code: J — is an Android and Apple iOS game.

Here is the alert.

Metal Slug: Awakening is a run-and-gun game by Tencent Games’ Timi Studio. (That’s the developer behind Pokemon Unite and the Japan-only Saint Seiya: Awakening.) The initial announcements noted that characters like Eri Kasamoto, Fio Germi, Marco Rossi, and Tarma Roving will return. In May 2021, SNK shared an updated trailer looking at beta footage for the game.

This isn’t the only Metal Slug game on the way in the near future. Metal Slug Tactics is also in development. That offers a more strategic approach and is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022.

The Metal Slug: Awakening is coming to Android and Apple iOS devices, not the PS4 and PS5. Its Chinese website is open.

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