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Metallic Child Introduces Rona’s Creator Riana, New Boss Graver, And More


riana 2

Studio HG, the one-man studio behind Smashing the Battle, is making a new action game about a small female robot named Rona called Metallic Child, and recently they showed off new art and videos of several new characters and enemies, including Rona’s very own creator.



The person in question is a genius scientist named Riana Kelly, who created Rona with combat abilities for reasons unknown. Studio HG also shared a look at Riana’s 3D model currently in development:



Apart from Riana, Studio HG revealed ‘Graver’, a new boss character in the game:



Currently, Studio HG is requesting fan art of Rona for an art gallery in-game as bonus content. Interested artists can participate by following the details below:

metallic child 3


Metallic Child is headed to PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2019.

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