Another Metroid 2 Remake—otherwise known as Project AM2R—has been given a huge overhaul recently as the fan team behind it has managed to port the entire project into GameMaker: Studio from the more limiting version of GameMaker.


The most noticeable differences in the latest builds are faster loading times, better performance, and new graphics options. But on the back end, many of the features have been completely rewritten some of the level designs have been tweaked.


One of the most exciting, but least immediately noticeable, advantages of using GameMaker: Studio is that bugs can be fixed quicker, and new builds are easier to create, speeding up the entire project towards its final version.


If you’re unaware, Project AM2R is a fan recreation of Metroid 2 with updated graphics, new areas, and features from more recent Metroid games implemented.


Specifically, the team describe it as having “the fast paced gameplay of Metroid: Zero Mission,[and] the atmosphere and solitude of Super Metroid.” It also has an entirely new soundtrack, a map system, updated enemy AI, and a stackable beam system.


You can download the latest demo of Project AM2R right here (Note: that demo will be outdated soon when a new one is uploaded).

Chris Priestman

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