Metroidvania Adaeus: Rogue Planet Randomly Creates Its Sprawling Levels



Unlike many action/exploration games that feature static stages and winding areas, Adaeus: Rogue Planet uses random generation to create a constant stream of varied areas for the player to explore for useful upgrades.




The planet Adaeus is a deadly place filled with toxic plants, deadly wildlife, and other hazards, so it’s only natural that it’s where Darius Cayne must go to find a power source to save his dying colony.


Darius didn’t go in without proper gear, though, having equipped himself with an upgradeable power suit and blaster. They’re not quite tough enough to do the job when the player starts out, but by finding Nanites and credits scattered throughout the environments, the player can power-up their health, damage, carrying capabilities, and other aspects that will make survival more likely.


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Darius will have to put those abilities to work dealing with six-legged alien bears, digging machines, poisonous plants, and all manner of weird alien life. As each area is generated, players will need to approach with care, as every run at the game will offer new obstacles.


Adaeus: Rogue Planet has already passed through Steam Greenlight, but did not mention when it is set to release.

Alistair Wong
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