Metroidvania Plague Huntress Follows A Holy Warrior Fighting A Monstrous Illness



A mysterious blight has been turning people into monsters, politicians seem more content to fight tahn work together to stop it, and a holy order begins to amass a disturbing amount of power in Metroidvania Plague Huntress.


Players will control Leora, a member of the Hunters of the Church of the Innocent, a holy order that seems to be immune to the effects of the monstrous plague. She’s been dispatched to deal with a deserter from her order, but will soon find herself dealing with the various factions that are all vying for power as the world suffers.

Leora can unlock a variety of different abilities by defeating powerful foes throughout the game’s open world, allowing for greater freedom to explore or more combat opportunities. Players can also carry out quests and help people throughout the world to get new weapons and relics that will allow them to further customize their play styles. They can also seek the legendary armor parts that are scattered across the realm, with these giving Leora an extremely powerful means to overcome all of her enemies.


Plague Huntress is currently in development.

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