Mevius Final Fantasy Has Classic Final Fantasy Jobs With A Touchscreen Combat System



    Mevius Final Fantasy is an upcoming smartphone title by Square Enix, featuring Yoshinori Kitase as the producer and Kazushige Nojima as the story writer. Famitsu shares the latest screenshots and details for the upcoming smartphone title.


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    The story starts out with an amnesiac young man, who begins his adventure after being led by a mysterious voice. During his adventure, he’ll meet a Moogle who supports him throughout the journey.


    As for the girl trapped in the giant crystal, not much is known about her, but she plays an important role in the story of Mevius Final Fantasy.



    The battles in the game are quite simple, and just revolve around doing combos using the touchscreen for its basics. You’ll accumulate “Element” by hitting enemies, and you can then use it to pull off abilities after collecting enough.



    However, there’s a little more strategy behind using abilities, as you can do more damage by matching the Element’s… elements, and hitting enemy weaknesses. The above screenshot shows the protagonist using a fire-based sword attack called “Flame Blast”.



    There’s also a job system in Mevius Final Fantasy, with plenty of traditional classes that fans might be familiar with. Depending on which job you play as, there will be different ways to attack, along with various abilities to go with it.


    The Ranger job shown in the above image has high mobility, and excels at close-range fighting. They’re one of the advanced Thief-type jobs, that uses its speed and dual daggers as their weapon.



    Black Mages are all about offensive magic, and is an advanced mage-type job. They’re not the best when it comes to HP and physical attacks, but they make up for it with their magic and critical power.


    Mevius Final Fantasy will launch in Japan sometime in Spring 2015 for Android and iOS.

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