Mevius Final Fantasy Tells The Tale Of A Planet-Saving Hero And His Moogle Friend



Square Enix recently shared a closer look at some gameplay footage for Mevius Final Fantasy, and while we didn’t know much more about the story besides a sword-wielding hero, a Moogle, and a girl trapped in a crystal, 4Gamer details more on what the game is about.


Here’s the prologue story for Mevius Final Fantasy:


This world is not your home.

You are a human who was born and raised on a different planet.

You may have experienced countless battles up until now.


However, you no longer remember anything.

After losing your memories, you floated to the world of “Palamitia”.


In addition to yourself, there are numerous other foreigners that drifted their way here.

Since all of your pasts are empty, we simply you the “Blanks”.


To replace the past you’ve lost, you all have futures.


This is the prophecy that is told in Palamitia:

“One day, a ‘Hero of Light’ will appear, and bring hope to the world.”


This world has been invaded by a demonic army led by “Chaos,” and it is said that one Blank will destroy the demons, and save the planet.


One of the Blanks, perhaps even you, may be that Hero of Light.

Fight for the future, and restore hope to Palamitia.


Next, is a look at some of the key characters.


Wol (protagonist, name can be changed):


ff-mevius_150327-3_rA foreigner from an unknown planet that drifted his way into Palamitia. He lost his memories and doesn’t remember how he arrived in Palamitia. Detached from reality, he fights on to continue living.


Sarah Lott Cornelia:



A princess and a Cornelia family descendant of the Palamatia Kingdom. Fitting to her stature as a princess, she’s neat and tidy, but occasionally shows a cuter side. She’s been waiting for the Hero of Light told by prophecies.





The Mog is from one of the Palamitia’s races, known as the Moogles. The Mog feels something special after meeting the protagonist, and decides to act as his guide. Moogles are a special being that have the ability to cooperate using their senses and memories.


ff-mevius_150327-13_r ff-mevius_150327-14_r

In Mevius Final Fantasy, you’ll travel from place to place by tapping on icons. Its 3D environment will vary according to the area. There are also fields that will let players have full control of their characters.



The above is a look at the vast and beautiful world of Palamitia. Areas will unlock as you advance through the story and meet certain requirements.


Mevius Final Fantasy launches in Japan sometime in Spring 2015 for Android and iOS. Square Enix will show more on the game in an upcoming Square Enix Presents live presentation on April 2nd.

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